The CBT was established in 2004 by Eric McGee – a financial fundi and expert in the field of personal banking and finances. Acknowledging a lack of sources that provide consumers with the necessary tips and information on the financial and private banking sector, he saw an opportunity to be the source of such valuable content.

Eric has more than 10 years experience and brings with him a team of professional financial advisors who add their knowledge and skills to The TBC. On our blog, you will find insightful information on every aspect of personal finances and banking. Whether you need advice on investments, mortgages, or general money management solutions, we’ve got it all right here for you.

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We aim to provide information and articles of the highest quality, practical tips and guides that can be applied to your daily life, and informative content revolving around everything related to finances and personal banking. The CBT platform will grant you instant access to a panel of seasoned financial specialists who will guide you on your way to personal financial well being.

Apart from writing our own insightful pieces and sharing them here, we also scout for the best in financial resources ensuring you have the world of finance resources at your fingertips. For those who are working in the financial and banking sector, who would like to contribute or become part of our team, be sure to read our Become a Contributor page, where you will find all the information you need on submitting your own insightful articles.