The Top 6 Personal Finance Blogs of 2018 That You Should Start Following Right Now

Blog1 - The Top 6 Personal Finance Blogs of 2018 That You Should Start Following Right Now

As professional financial advisors and experts in the finances and banking sectors, we love keeping up to date with all the latest news and tips regarding personal finance and banking. Our aim is to provide consumers with nothing but the best in financial advice, whether you need to learn how to manage money effectively, or how to invest, we’ve got your back. We have found some of the best personal finance blogs for 2018 and would love to share them with you.

In this post we look at the top 6 of these sites, and what you can expect when joining the community.

1. Kiplinger

A fantastic source for all your financial needs and queries with helpful advice and tips that can be applied to your own life. The Kiplinger platform covers all things related to finance and money management, from personal finance to business finance. The site also offers you a handy rate tool where you can get live readings of what is happening in the finance sector in terms of increasing and decreasing interest rates.

2. Money Crashers

Your definite go-to guide for all your personal finance questions, Money Crashers covers everything related to personal banking and financing. Read about taxes, investments, insurance, you name it. Articles are informative and cater to anyone looking to sharpen their money management skills and have their money start working in their favor. You are even able to read some handy career tips. Money Crashers reaches our list because of its all-inclusive approach to personal finance.

3. Get Rich Slowly

Another one of our favorites, Get Rich Slowly offers real-world advice to anyone in need of guidance in all things finance. J.D. Roth shares his expert advice with his audience – whether it is debt related tips you need, advice on how to retire early, or what to do if you want to buy a house or make other larger purchases or investments. What makes this blog so unique, is the fact that tips shared here are not supplied by a professional financial advisor, but rather someone who had to learn how to effectively manage their finances without formal training.

4. The Digerati Life

Learn practical tips on how to save and manage your finances in such a way that you can enjoy some financial freedom in The Digerati Life. The blog focuses on financial matters and aims to educate its readership on topics such as entrepreneurship, shopping, finance management, investing and personal banking. Definitely worth a read!

5. MoneyNing

On his blog, David Ning takes on a different angle and encourages his audience to act on sound financial advice instead of remaining in the same financial state infinitely. Here you will find a whole lot of common sense, packaged in educational articles and guides on how to save money, how to spend smarter, and how to manage and avoid getting into debt, and get out of it if you are that unfortunate.

6. The Simple Dollar

Here you can find some of the best tips and advice, whether you are looking at getting a bank account and not sure where to apply for a credit card, need some pointers as to what loan would suit your pocket best, or just about any aspect of saving and managing your money more effectively. Articles are informative and engaging, and your life will be richer for it if you keep updated with the latest articles published on The Simple Dollar.

img12 - The Top 6 Personal Finance Blogs of 2018 That You Should Start Following Right Now

We hope you have found this article helpful and that you will be signing up for at least one of the blogs we have discussed.  If you need to talk to a professional financial advisor, remember our doors are open and you are more than welcome to give us a call to have a chat about your financial questions.

Remember, at the end of the day, having a good relationship with your finances will give you the advantage, become financially savvy and make your money work harder without making unnecessary sacrifices.

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